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What is pro-expert? pro-expert is a specialist WordPress theme. It enables tech-savvy individual specialists to create web sites very quickly and easily. It is also available as a Thesis Skin.
Is the Pro Expert Theme suitable for me? If you are a consultant, coach, trainer, professional or a freelance worker offering your own specialist services then The Pro Expert theme will enable you to build a suitable WordPress website quickly and easily. Watch our one-hour set-up video to see how easy it is.

Because The Pro Expert theme is specifically designed for this purpose you will get most if not all the basic functions of your web site built in. There is no need to install and configure lots of specialist plugins to get a viable site up and running. For example, a basic register and subscribe form is built in. You can add more complex plugins later if you need them.

But there is more to it than that including some big benefits.

The The Pro Expert theme is..

  • Designed specifically to work well on smart phones and tablets.
  • Also very well set up for desktop viewing.
  • Able to support slide shows and videos for presentation to a prospective client.
  • Supplied with inbuilt-functions to present details of products and services.
  • Available as a self-install and set-up version.
  • Also available as part of an all-inclusive bundled package.
How can I obtain The Pro Expert theme? The Pro Expert theme can be obtained via this web site.

In order to use The Pro Expert theme you need to have use of a WordPress installation. S

How can I install and set up The Pro Expert theme? Watch the video guide to installation and Set up. It works through the steps and it will take you through the complete set-up process to the point of having a live website.
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