A Simple and Effective Way to Present Yourself and What You Can Do

Introducing The Pro Expert

The Pro Expert – a quick and easy way for a tech-savvy amateur to build a professional web site for experts

The Pro Expert is software that is…

  • Specially designed for experts such as freelance professionals, consultants, coaches, trainers, authors, speakers and other specialists.
  • A fast and simple way to build a website for an expert.
  • Simple to install and easy to master.
  • Designed to set up a complete initial web site in under an hour.
  • Designed specifically to work as a presentation web site on smart phones and tables – as well as working well on desktop computers and laptops.
  • Able easily to display slide presentations
  • Able easily to include videos (including YouTube content) in full page and other formats.
  • Packed with lots of basic easy-to-use features to minimize the need for plugins.
  • Lightweight for good performance.

What exactly is The Pro Expert?

The Pro Expert is a specialist theme for WordPress and was originally developed as a “skin” for use with the WordPress Thesis theme .
The Theme is up to date and works with the latest version of WordPress.
The skin is up to date and works with the latest version of Thesis.

Who Are We?

This web site is operated by theendlessbookcase.com 

We originally developed The Pro Expert Plus for our own authors but it soon became clear that it had much broader appeal.

The Results

The Pro Expert was launched in January 2017 and was upgraded to a full WordPress theme in 2019. A growing number of sites have already been developed using it and The Pro Expert Plus . The site owners love the results.


If you can’t find an answer to your question then consult the forum or request support Question Answer What is pro-expert? pro-expert is a specialist WordPress theme. It enables tech-savvy individual specialists to create web sites very quickly and easily. It is also available as a Thesis Skin. What is a Thesis Skin? Let’s take [...]


How to buy The Pro Expert We are pleased to announce that all our initial trials are successfully concluded with a number of sites running live and more on the way. Thank you to all who took part. Two skins are available… The Pro Expert – primarily for one-person business such as consultants, coaches, trainers [...]


How to obtain support If you have already purchased pro-expert then you can gain support via the forum – login here. For pre-sales support please use the following form.

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