The Purpose

This feature provides a simple way of listing product details.
It isn’t a shop facility. It is more like a simple catalog.

If you want a full shop facility that’s easy to set up and use, reliable and secure then we recommend that you use WP eStore.
We use it ourselves having tried and given up on a number of alternatives.

WP Shopping Cart


Products can be added and edited via the “Expert Setting” product submenu on the WordPress admin side panel.

The basic page looks like this …

The functions are fairly self explanatory but note that..

  1. The full set of details for each product are only visible when entering or editing individual products.
  2. The currency symbol to be used is set up under Thesis content.
  3. Text can be added instead of prices – to allow for things like “FREE” or “tbc”.
  4. Products are displayed to a user by setting up a products page and using the custom template called “Products page”. The products display will automatically be generated on the page if you use that template. Easy!

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