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This feature was introduced to make it easy to perform slide presentations on the web site.
If you are with a client and have you web site accessible on a tablet or laptop you may want to use this yourself as a presentation tool.

But that’s not all. If you have any pages that benefit from being viewed in sequence then this feature may prove useful.

How it works

If you are creating or editing a page in the WordPress Page editor then scroll down and you will see a section like the following example.

You can select a previous and next page or just leave either items blank (the default) if you don’t want to select a page.

Your setting can be changed at any time. Just update the page when you make changes.

What it looks like

If you view a page for which Previous or Next have been set up you will see previous or next arrow buttons below the menu.

The arrows only appear if a previous or next page is set up.

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